Slot Canyon Engagement// Jaclyn + Catrina


CAN YOU EVEN WITH THESE TWO?! I can’t. But I will. Because look at them. It’s important to make the most of engagement sessions, and there are so many reasons I love them. 1) It is the BEST time to get to know the couples I am working with, but also to get comfortable shooting with each other. I would never expect anyone to walk in front of my camera and start werkkking it. That’s not realistic or what you hired me for. So getting this time to relax and laugh and deepen the connection not only between you two but with your photographer is such a gift. It allows these effortless and natural moments to start flowing and results in the best photos of your life (besides your wedding obvi). 2) How often do we create time to just 100% connect with each other? No phones, no screens, just music, some booze if you choose, and staring into each other’s eyes. It may feel weird for a second, but I can’t tell you how many couples leave feeling more connected than ever. And last but not least 3) it is SO nice to have good photos of you and your boo. Wether you decide to use them for your save the dates, invites, guest book, wedding decor, fridge decor, home decor, or just to enjoy between you two; photos literally capture a moment in time. Life goes by quick, and the more we’ve captured the more we have to look back on not only through memory but visually as well. I’ve blabbed for enough, but I really freaking love engagement sessions and I could go on about it all day. This one was such a blast, and the Anza Borrego desert itself is a whole other world. If you want to see more of Anza Borrego’s magic, you’ll love this proposal.

Carmen Lopez