Do you meet with people before booking?

Typically, FaceTime, email, and phone is how I communicate with the majority of my couples. However, I freaking love my couples, and I want to make sure you love me too. If you’re local to San Diego, and it’s convenient to meet, I frequent a variety of awesome coffee shops and would love to buy you a PSL.

Do you Charge a travel fee?

I don’t charge a travel fee for Southern California weddings within 60 miles of San Diego. After 60 miles, it’s 60 cents per mile. For out of state weddings, a flat rate will be provided which includes the cost of round trip ticket for me and my second shooter (if applicable) + minimum 2 nights (no accommodations needed for Seattle + Portland inquiries). If you’re planning a destination wedding, I would love to photograph it! Let’s chat about your vision and we can figure out how travel costs fit in.

Do we receive RAW images?

RAW images, or unedited images as some would call them, are essentially massive files that take up space on your computer, and include blinking, sneezing, stank faces, and the moments that don’t necessarily tell the story of how beautiful your wedding day really was. That’s why you hired me – to take care of all that for you. Giving out RAW files would be like giving you all the ingredients to make seafood enchiladas but no recipe. So in short, no, I do not give out RAW images because they are not your final product. 


Do you help us make a timeline?

OH YES I DO. Once I receive a day of schedule from you, I create a pretty little detailed photo timeline for you so you know what to expect and when. Don’t know where to begin with your day of schedule? Just ask and I can send you an example timeline from past weddings so you have somewhere to start!

If we don’t need a complimentary engagement shoot, is our package price lowered?

Nope. The engagement shoot is a freebie with the 8 hour package, but is not involved in the package price.

What if you get sick or can’t show up to our wedding?

This is covered in my contract! If anything were to happen to me, I have systems in place so that you would be covered with an equally qualified photographer.


How many photos do you deliver in a wedding gallery?

This is a great question and probably my most frequently asked. For my 6 hour packages I start at a minimum of 300 photos, and for my 8 hour packages I start at a minimum of 500 photos. There is no cap to how many photos I deliver. I want to give you as many bomb-ass, unique, and flattering photos as I can that tell the story of your day, so the more the merrier.

My fiancé doesn’t like being photographed – is that okay?

YUP. This is okay and normal! I can’t tell you the number of times couples have brought this up. This is why you’re hiring me, because it’s my job to make this a positive and fun experience for you AND your fiancé. I can read a room pretty well, and am ready and well equipped to put both of you at ease. Whether it be through music, a brewski, or just some joking back and forth – I gotchu.

Have you shot at our venue before? Does that make a difference?

A huge part of my job as your wedding photographer is to walk into a room and immediately know the most flattering light, angles, and composition. For these reasons, it makes little difference whether or not I have shot at a venue before, because the best photos are completely dependent on the light, setting, and timing of the current moment. However, I love being familiar with my venues so if it is one I haven’t shot at before, I will always show up early to scout locations for your photos.

Can you give me some “adjustments” in Photoshop?

Here’s the thing; it is my job to give you the most flattering, sexy, emotional, photos of yourself you have EVER seen (yes, that’s a tall order but I’m confident in my abilities). This means making you look like your best YOU in your natural state. I do not do any body modifications in Photoshop for this reason. If there is something you are self conscious about, let me know beforehand, I would love to put more focus on the things about yourself that you L-O-V-E.

Can you adjust your editing Style for our wedding?

Trust me, I am a freak with getting my colors as perfect as I can. I want your wedding to look and feel as close to as it looked as possible. I try to keep my editing as consistent as possible in all my work, so if you’re keeping up with my blog, website, Instagram, Facebook, you have a good idea of what to expect. If you want to see other wedding galleries just to be sure, just ask! I gotchu!

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